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Team Grant Chesapeake Taekwondo - (757) 410-2353

What is Team Grant?

Team Grant allows Martial Artists to take their Tae Kwon Do and sparring skills to the next level by teaching the Olympic Side of Tae Kwon Do.

Team Members have a seperate training schedule which runs from Sept to June. During that time Team Members will get the opportunity to compete in 1 to 2 tournament per month.

Team Members train under the direct supervision of Master Grant.

Benefits of Joining Team Grant

Emphasis on team principles.
Focus on competion and physical fitness.
Develop Social Skills.

All prospective and prior Team Members are required to tryout for the team during the annual two day tryout in August. The tryouts focus on skills, endurance, enthusiasm and mental attitude.

All team members must be present and actively particate during both days.
Final selection is conducted by our Coaches. Team Parents are strongly encouraged to attend the tryouts and to ask questions regarding the upcoming season.

Team Grants Chesapeake Taekwondo

As you can see, our Team Grant Chesapeake Taekwondo offers great advantages that you and your child will benefit and learn in joining our Team Grant olympic style taekwondo martial arts training. Team Grant’s special taekwondo martial arts training offers taekwondo & sparring skills by learning the Olympic Side of Taekwondo.

So, if you or your child wants to learn the Olympic Side of Taekwondo that will help compete in martial arts tournaments, contact Grants Chesapeake Taekwondo & After School Center today!

For more info, contact Grants Chesapeake Taekwondo & After School Center today!

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